Life & Family Update

If my daughter currently drawing all over her freshly bathed body isn’t a sign of the kind of week I’ve had, then I don’t know what is. (But, independent playtime is good, right?) Truly, I was ready to sleep through the rest of the week by Tuesday afternoon. Nothing went right from the moment Monday morning started and I’m exhausted as I’ll get out.

I’ve suffered a bout of long-coming regrets this week which has left me in the dumps and received some bad news that couldn’t have made matters worse. Then, the tables turned again and I got news that I should be completely ecstatic about. Instead, it sort of terrifies me. But, I’ve been trying to keep strong and be kind, especially to my family. Strong and kind… a new motto I’ve learned lately and am ever ready to apply in life.


You may recognize the saying, “Have courage and be kind” from the latest movie adaptation of Cinderella. Who knew that Mr. Walt Disney could inspire such truthful and practical words? A positive thought that I really hope I can instill in my children as they grow older. To find a reason to never give up and focus on that when times get tough. To be brave and humble and compassionate no matter what comes their way.


Our youngest, Miss Charlotte, had her allergy testing on Wednesday. She was a total champ through the whole thing and wasn’t a bit phased by anything. She even gave the doctor a (out of character) high-five, and obviously got the coolest toddler tattoo ever. (In other words, she had some weird medical code written all over her back.)

It was all worth it in the end. After two years of thinking she was allergic to peanuts and (more recently) certain types of seeds, her reactions to all were negative. Yet, she still has an inexplicable rash each time she is exposed…? The doctor was reassuring that she doesn’t have any typical food allergies and doesn’t need an Epi-pen or anything. But, we are gonna keep monitoring (specifically peanuts) as they are reintroduced to make sure there aren’t any unknown triggers. So far, so good though. If you have any insights, please be sure to leave them in the comments! It would be much appreciated.

We still have the last of our pumpkins out, decorating our porch and entryway. We even took the liberty to cook a couple of our tiger striped pumpkins. There is a great recipe HERE— although, we skipped the pasta. Even with autumn coming to and end, it’s crazy to me that we still have so many beautiful blooms surrounding our house. I’ve been completely obsessed with our roses because they have done especially well this year and are still budding like crazy.

As winter approaches, it’ll call for little changes in decor. I want to get crafty as it gets colder, especially with the kids. Do you guys have any fun winter projects to suggest? I really wanna try my hand at a pinecone bunting for our fireplace, like one I ran across in one of my linkups (and am now frantically searching for the link/tutorial I lost!). Similar to the one below…


I’m attending the baby shower of a good friend tonight. I’ve been living vicariously through her and bought her a bunch of stuff I’m totally coveting. 🙂 And looking forward to long-awaited date night with the hubby tomorrow to wind down and hopefully shake a little bit of the stress that’s weighing me down.

That’s pretty much it as far as what’s going on around here. Taking one day at a time… One load of dishes at a time… One basket of laundry at a time… One Starbucks latte at a time…Haha. Happy Friday, everyone!





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