A Nod to Audrey

Monday morning has rolled around again and we are all heading back into the undertow. Fortunately, only a few days of hard work are required due to the Thanksgiving holiday and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m sure that many of you are looking forward to entertaining family members, watching some football, and enjoying a good snooze once your feast is finished. But, that isn’t the only thing to look forward to this week!



Yes. It’s true! And I almost lost my mind when I found out. A two hour transport to New York in 1961? Count me in!

Audrey Hepburn is one of my all-time favorite actresses. Her grace, poise, style, and general demeanor entranced me from the very first time I saw her on screen. She truly had, not only talent but, natural beauty and elegance. The characters she played seem relatable and genuine, not forced. And “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” is one of my best-loved films Audrey starred in.


I always envied Audrey’s character, Holly Golightly. For all of her flaws, she was fiercely independent (to a fault) and had strength to push through, even if (at times) only for the sake of appearance. I also can identify with the bout of the “Mean Reds”. Being scared and vulnerable in a world full of uncertainty can be a struggle, especially when you can’t pinpoint the source of your fear. As I get older, I see myself having to fight those feelings away all the more.

And can we just take a second to acknowledge her incredible wardrobe?! I’m mean, it’s not even fair that a person can be so effortlessly vogue.

Then, of course, there is — the steadfast and handsome– Paul Varjak. The ever-ready friend and neighbor. The one constant Holly finds in her life to hold onto. Hopefully, that’s something everyone who has seen (or will see) this movie can connect with. Most of us have that one person in our lives who makes everything okay; regardless of even if it’s just for a moment. They love us despite our brokenness. They see beauty where we see only imperfection. That one person balances us and understands us in ways we can’t even understand ourselves.

Yeah… good ol’ Paul Varjak gives us all the heart eyes…


Thanks to Turner Classic Movies  you may be able to see “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” in the comfort of your local theater on Sunday, November 27th. You can visit FathomEvents.com to find out the showtimes and see other special cinema events near you. If you are unable to make the screening on the 27th, no worries! There is a repeat showing on Wednesday, November 30th.

I can’t even contain my excitement, guys! I fully intend on sneaking my own danish and coffee into the movie and relishing a full 2 hours & 10 minutes of kid-free, vintage Hollywood goodness. How about you?


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