DIY Classy Winter Centerpiece 

The first day of winter is just over two weeks away. That means, 2017 will officially begin in 26 days. I’m in shock, but entirely ready to see where this next year will take me and my family.

While my neighbors are hoisting out their inflatable snowmen, I’m still in awe of the extremely comfortable weather we’re experiencing and am throwing all of the energy I can muster into enjoying it; even if it’s only for an hour with the kiddos in the backyard. Nevertheless, I can sense a change in the air. A different kind of chill when the sun goes down and a certain threat of frigidity that dances on the wind. Those subtle hints are all I’ve needed to start-up the fireplace a couple of mornings and drink hot chocolate next to it while I catch up on Hulu at night. Throw blankets are on full display for immediate/constant use, and the craft bug hit me pretty hard over the weekend.

Friday afternoon, I went out to Michaels in search of glitter for a specific project and came home with far more. Between the sales and all the sparkly, winter themed elements… I couldn’t hold back. When I got home, I ended up putting together 3 flower arrangements, embellishing pinecones for another centerpiece, and putting together the one you see pictured in this post. I really like how it turned out because it’s festive, and it’s classy enough to be left out until next season, instead of throwing it away before mid-January like a lot of people do with their massive Poinsettia after the turn of the year.


I thought I would share with you the items I used to put this together, as well as a briefing on what I did. It was incredibly easy and (not so) surprisingly therapeutic. Plus, it can be tailored to your style.


The curved, wooden slab I have as a tray on my table is a piece I found at an antique store a couple of years ago. It was a steal and I use it year round to display various fruitage or foliage around the house. If you don’t have one of these or don’t want to hunt one down, it’s easy enough to find a charming rustic replacement. I adore olivewood serving boards like the one HERE  to use as an alternative.

I nabbed a few of the 44″ metallic berry stems (on sale now) in three different colors: a whitish gold, yellow gold, and red. As well as a metallic twig stem in rose gold. {There are more colors in your local Michaels than I could find online. You’re best bet would to be to go there or to another craft store and explore your options.}

By that point I knew what direction I was heading in and added some gold, metallic, detailed washi tape to my basket. This was the first project I’ve done with washi tape and I’m never going back!


World Market currently has amazing candles on sale– buy one, get one free! I bought two of the 3×3 “vanilla bean” and two 3×6 “sugared berry” pillar candles. They have a lovely gradient to the color and smell divine!  I also decided on getting a stout, bubbled glass decanter from the clearance section; only slightly taller than the red candles.

They aren’t selling the particular one I used online but, there are many different items to choose from. I think that a pitcher-style vase ties in the rustic elements in with the more refined, gold/shiny aspects. Below are three other varieties I think would work well.

The actual construction of the entire feature was fairly quick. I began by wrapping the washi tape around the mid section of each candle, only once. Because this particular tape is very intricate and textured, it looks more like ribbon once completely attached. For a less refined look, I suggest using twine or jute around the candles in order to neutralize the festal air.
I cut the metallic twig and placed it, as needed, into the pitcher. I let the stem fall high in the neck of the container so that it would gain height and stand apart from the rest of the scape. If you use a wider mouthed container, consider buying more of this material or mix in some other stems/flowers that you find attractive so that there are no gaps in your overall appearance. Also, cut these with wire cutters or sharp pliers and be careful! I pokes quite a few unnecessary holes in myself during the course of setting this up.
As you can see, I arranged everything in order of height; starting with the shortest on the outer edge and having the tallest in the middle.


The most tedious part of this process is the berries decorating the tray itself. You can pull or cut the metallic berries from the stem they come on but, both are meticulous tasks and I got a bit frustrated. You have to remove them relatively slow because the paint/skin will crack and/or come off if you rip it from the wire too quickly. And you have to be careful how much pressure you apply because you can crush them in your bare hands. Wearing gloves would be helpful for this part.

As you take the berries off, scatter them around the candles and vase. It is easier said than done to try and get the whole thing symmetrical. I just tried to make sure I had a good mix of color around each side and that there were no spots positively barren. If you wanted to be more precise you could use a temporary/washable adhesive and place them more deliberately.

And that’s it, guys! SO easy! The hard part is making sure my kids don’t go by and grab a bunch of those “berries” thinking they are candy! Overall, I think it’s the perfect way to accent a dining room that is often in use but that you want to be inviting. Most of the time I insist on fresh flowers but, even my husband said he loves this as another choice.


What does your tablescape look like right about now? Have you been looking for some inspiration? Or, do you have photos of your centerpieces you’d like me to see? Let me know your thoughts, ideas, and if you plan on trying this in the comments below!

Have a great day!

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