Not Your Typical 9 to 5

An unusual weekend (rambling) post from me because I’ve been pretty much MIA the last couple of weeks. Being a mom is full-time job and takes precedence over me, my interests, blog…etc. I just love when I tell people I’m a SAHM and they kinda smirk at me while thinking, “Yeah, so you don’t do anything”. Some have even daringly looked me in the face and said, “Yeah, but, I mean… you don’t really work.” That’s normally the point were I have to restrain myself from reciting every menial task I perform each day & then slitting their jugular. (Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme but, you get the picture.)

Taking care of my household involves way more than just making sure my tiny humans are fed, washed, and feel loved. It includes the duties of a wife as well. Mom’s are unpaid maids, chauffeurs, nurses, secretaries,…etc who never have sick days. Even my best planned days turn out to be a meaningless script I wrote in my head which, of course, everyone refuses to follow. And sometimes, I don’t tell my husband that I need out of the house because I’m going stir crazy or I’m gonna scream if I have to mop the floor for the third time that day because someone spilled their juice for the thousandth time. Sometimes, it’s literally just so I can go to Barnes & Noble and have a coffee, eat chocolate, and browse books in silence.

My recent SnapChat picture probably says it all…

All that said, I’m a firm believer in making time for yourself. I’m not saying that I do it all that well, or very often for that matter. But, I do feel that it’s necessary as a self-preservation mechanism. Something instrumental that tends to disappear from your mental “toolbox” the longer you’re a mother.

J & I used to employ the help of our favorite restaurant, go to the movies or ice skating, take a walk on the beach…etc., for our month date night. Ensuring that we had time for ourselves and time for each other. Something to look forward to, that didn’t cost a lot, and we were ready to return to the kids when we were finished. Though, the more kids you have, the more opportunities like that are far and few between. Now, it’s hard enough for us to find a sitter for 3 kids, let alone the time to schedule a night out. I live in fear of becoming one of those couples that finally gets some time alone, sits in the car for 30 minutes taking turns saying, “Soooo, what do you wanna do?”

At some point, I fully expect our adult outings to end up more like this by the end of the night–


Although my depression isn’t seasonal, it does tend to peak from October to February. December is when I really start getting the itch to go somewhere; away from the kids, away from the overwhelming responsibilities, and the hectic schedules we keep. The stress, the restlessness, the prying eyes– just leave it all behind for a little bit.

I’ve always had dreams of large vacations. Not anything too elaborate. In fact, I’m not even sure that I envisioned where I would stay [when I was younger]. But, traveling was forever something I saw myself doing. With or without a spouse. Children? To be honest, I didn’t even want them. Obviously, marrying a man who already had a child was a major step in a different direction for me. (But, that’s a story for another time.)

Fortunately, I bit my husband with the travel bug, which had already infected me at a young age, and we were able to spend our honeymoon on a 10 day trip to Italy (Tuscany & Rome). It was a total dream! But, only left us itching for more!

Getting pregnant only eight months afterward and then again only 10 months after the first was born (not counting my step-son, Noah)… Needless to say, it got a lot more complicated AND expensive to go places. In any case, at least the places we want to visit overseas.

Yet, December has rolled around again and where is my head?? In the clouds, dreaming of the possibilities and road trips, checking Hopper for flight deals, and looking up the best non-touristy places to visit because… Well, I’m over ‘typical’.

My list of ideal vacation spots has grown exponentially over the years; to include places that Hubby has neither heard of or can pronounce. Haha. This year, though, the wrestling with our finances, our gypsy souls, and the reality of our circumstances is a tough one. We sense so many changes about to take place in 2017 and certainly would love to start off having a special trip for the two of us to look forward to. Any affordable suggestions?

Our biggest struggle, it seems, has been trying to decide if we should attempt going somewhere warm and get our tan on with some icy adult beverages or if we should take advantage of some off-season deal in one of the places we’ve been dying to get to. If you know of any sweet websites or packages we should check out, please leave them in the comments. We are seriously exploring all the options!

In the interim, if you are a proud, hard-working mama in need of a little TLC and time to literally “Netflix and chill”, go check out Sarah‘s amazing stuff at I’m in love, love, love with it alllllll and have to daily retrain myself from placing orders on her site because bills. But, guys… She designs/sells comfy mom uniform clothes and other parenting inspired goodies, including a line for dads and stuff for kiddos. Show her some support because she does it all! (Seriously, how cute is this mug?!)


Have a beautiful weekend, squeeze those babies, and shower them with extra kisses. They might be exhausting but they make the freakin’ world go ’round!

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