Winter, Wine, & Wisdom

Dear, oh, dear! It has been exactly a month since I last posted here and (dare I say?) it actually feels longer. Unfortunately, the amount of motivation I had about a month ago is about the same as what I have now. No new jolt of energy since 2017 began. In fact, it goes without saying really– new year, same stuff. And, boy, is it disappointing to start blogging again only to feel that you’ve fallen into a rut soon thereafter. So, here I am, trying to mount the horse once again.

December finished just as quietly as it started. It snuck up on me to begin with and, a few weeks later, slipped out the back door late at night. The next thing I knew it was January and I have certainly started this year out much different from the last couple. For one, being at home and not away visiting family during the holiday season made for a lot of cabin fever & days wished away. Husband wasn’t feeling well a lot of the time and I was bogged down with responsibility physically, and mentally.

Without much fuss, our family developed a bit more of a solemn routine than winter normally brings and my thoughts turned to a lot of self-reflection and pondering on things I’ve put off for lack of patience, confidence, calm… things that I often feel escape me a little more everyday. I thought a lot about the people in my life, the decisions I’ve avoided making and the regrets I’ve been forced to face, and the overwhelming amount of uncontrollable variables that present themselves every day…

And though the meditation I may have done helped me to understand myself a bit better and to accept (even mend) some circumstances or confusions, some of the other perceptions only made me more confused. Never in my life, before the last couple of years, have I had more reason to “let go & let God” [as the saying goes], or surely I would go insane. And all of this is really what inspired the poem I composed on 12/31. (below) Chapters open and chapters close but, in the end, we all come out wounded warriors; having obtained wisdom from the battles we fought.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 2.42.32 PM.png
Outfit details: Sunglasses- Quay Australia// Utility Jacket- Gap// Pascal Boot- Doc Martens

All of that said, this winter has been most forgiving as far as the weather is concerned. We’ve been blessed with so many sunny and warm days that, as soon as there comes a less agreeable one, we are all grumpy because we’re forced to be inside once again. We are all so spoiled with these small tastes of spring and summer that are continuously being fed to us, regardless of the short days and barren trees.

Yesterday, I actually took the two littlest kids out to the beach with our lovable mutt, Cora, and milled around hunting for shells and enjoying the sunshine. Being blinded by a glimmering high tide and breathing in salty, sea air… That’s how we do January on the southern Atlantic coast.


Don’t get me wrong though… these glowing, mild days don’t keep us from stoking the fireplace and pouring a nice glass of wine. Specifically, Port.

Hubby has been into Port for the last couple of years but, recently (between buying a book about the varieties of it on Amazon and investing in specific drinking glasses) I have seen his interest growing. He has researched several kinds and we have taste tested at nearly every restaurant we’ve gone to, we force samples on our friends and family, and he has a rising addiction to The Wine Show on Hulu. (I may or may not watch it just because Matthew Goode is adorable…)

Anyway, friends, I wanted to share with you what we’ve really been liking as of late. It’s Graham’s 10 Year Old Tawny. I urge you to taste it ASAP!


Now, I’m the type of person that could drink dessert wine (nearly) always and be completely satisfied. I have no qualms with pairing Moscato with my steak, even if that’s against a connoisseur’s etiquette. But, the little bit of spice that Port conceals makes it ideal for anytime drinking if you ask me. I can’t wait to try the 20, 30, & 40 year bottles this company offers as well!

Do you guys have any wine suggestions? Or things that are a must-add for our next state store run? lol


Thanks for catching up with me, loves! Now that I’ve broken the ice for 2017, maybe my creative juices will start flowing and I’ll be able to share some of the more exciting things going on over here with you! Until then, Happy Humpday!

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