Top 5 {Recent} Amazon.Com Purchases

I’ll admit it: I’m addicted to Amazon. And that Prime 2-day shipping is #customerservicegoals.

It’s no secret that I love (and that term isn’t used loosely here) online shopping. I’ve never been a big fan of shopping in general; at least not if I actually have to venture out to the physical store. My anxiety gets the better of me and I’m never really able to enjoy myself. But, getting on my computer and clicking a couple of buttons? That I have no problem with at all. Just ask my hubby! (insert his cringing face here)


I am trying to limit my spending at the moment because we have some things in the works for the rest of the year that require a little more restraint on my part. PLUS, we finally decided that we would go to New York next weekend and it couldn’t be coming at a better time. I am in serious need of a momcation and Hubs is about to start traveling like mad for work again.

Side note: Check out THE cutest “Momcation” apparel from Hazzard Lane Clothing!

Anyway… I wanted to share my top five favorite, recent purchases from Amazon. This isn’t going to include the massive amount of groceries my husband has us subscribed to, or the dog food we get cheaper than anywhere else,…etc. This list is stuff I’ve received over the last six months or so, just for myself. You might be surprised– I was!

  1. KIRA Women’s Elastic High Waist A-Line Flared Maxi Skirt:

    I have nothing but good things to say about this skirt. I have it in two colors and it’s amazing. Modesty, comfort, and elegance all wrapped into one. 71jx94hjqdl-_uy679_

    It is extremely similar to the Choies Maxi Skirt (of which, I also have two) but, I prefer the KIRA ones because of the elastic waist in the back. It provides maximum comfort, but it stays snug enough to keep the shirt you tuck  within it in place. It’s machine washable, easy to treat for stains, appropriate for a plethora of occasions, and (the best part) it has pockets!!

    The only downside, in my opinion, is that it does need ironed before being worn so, it isn’t extremely travel friendly. Honestly, though, I think it’s worth it to put in the extra effort on this one part of your outfit because it really makes your overall ensemble look pretty effortless; especially if you decided to throw this on with a simple tee and flats. You can also where this with a petticoat underneath to help the skirt keep it’s shape and provide more volume.

    Tip: Consider sizing up  a size. I’m usually a US Medium and wear a Large comfortably in this garment.

    I wish I had discovered these years ago!

    2. Urban CoCo Women’s High Waist Stretch Bodycon Pencil Skirt:

    I really don’t have enough great things to say about these skirts. They are only $8-$10 per skirt and probably the wisest investment I’ve made in my clothing over the last eight months.



My reasoning behind purchasing this particular kind of skirt is varied and, to be blunt, I don’t feel like I need to share them. However, I will say that when I made the decision to by skirts I don’t really need, I was PMS-ing. Because my PMS is a little (A LOT) worse than most people due to my PMDD, my physical symptoms are often worse as well. My bloating is like… extreme and I can immediately go from a, “Wow, I’m actually looking pretty good” to “Dear goodness, just shoot me because I look like a cow in every outfit I own.” Extremist much? I know, I know…

But, that rash choice really paid off and I wear these skirts everywhere. I only started out with ordering the color I really wanted most; that I felt would be most versatile for me. Once I tried it on and saw the fit, which is much better than just a standard jersey fabric, I couldn’t resist stocking up.

Tip: Consider sizing up 2 sizes. I’m usually a US Medium and wear an Extra Large comfortably in this garment.

3. Zeagoo Women’s Sexy Stretchy Ruched Bodycon Midi:

Let me lead by saying that, 95% of the time,  I despise bodycon dresses for one reason or another. They tend to run too small (on purpose), they tend to be revealing or too short, often meant for club wear…etc. Let’s face it, I’ve had two kids, I’m not trying to show off my body, and I’m not heading out to the club any time soon. But, I took a chance and realize now why Kim Kardashian West wears this style of dress continuously.


This is a ridiculously flattering silhouette than can pretty much be accessorized to fit the need of your occasion. For instance, I have this in black (& need to add more colors!) and decided to wear it when traveling to Orlando to meet my husband. I wore white slip on Converse shoes and a gray/multi colored, open cardigan. I was incredibly comfortable during the flights & sprinting through the airport.

Once I arrived, I immediately had to accompany him to a business dinner and didn’t have time to change. What did I do? Changed into some low height, nude wedges and put on a pair of statement earrings. I’ve never had that easy of a wardrobe change EVER. The other great thing is that the length of this dress is just below the knee so it’s fantastic for more professional settings as well as days/nights out.

Tip: This dress runs true to size.

4. Jane Stone Statement Choker Collar Necklace & Matching Earrings:

I almost feel like the picture speaks for itself on this one…


I tell no lie when I say that this set is just as stunning in real life. I have this set in black/multi (which seems to currently be out of stock on Amazon) but, regardless of color choice, the gems on this positively glimmer and liven up any outfit. It also has a great weight about it that keeps it from feeling like flimsy costume jewelry.

Normally, I buy my jewelry from places like BaubleBar or Francesca’s but this Jane Stone is a fraction of the cost with all the same quality. Just as nice as the ‘designer’ items you get in a Rocksbox subscription, only affordable enough that you can buy instead of borrow. I usually don’t wear both pieces together because it’s just not my style to be that matchy-matchy but, I know some people who can pull that off flawlessly. This set is just an impressive steal that you can wear it any which way you want!

5. ArtsEye Women’s Genuine Leather Floral Embossed Trifold Wallet

 Last, but not least… I was on the hunt for a new wallet a couple of weeks ago and I thought I wouldn’t find one I liked as well as what was already floating around in the bottom of my bag.
Previously I had an embossed leather paisley wallet from World Market and I adored it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find them again at my local store and they are unavailable online. *sobs* Of course, the very first place I started looking for a replacement was on Amazon because DUH. Surprise, surprise– I found one that is crazy similar and, in fact, I’ll tell you a secret… I like it even better!
Isn’t it lovely?! You can get all the stats and info about it on the Amazon listing. Personally, my favorite features are a duel snap closure and the zipper pocket is enclosed within the wallet itself instead of being placed separately, on the outside, as if it were an after-thought. There isn’t 35,000 card slots either, so I have no excuses to keep all the extra cards and papers I would normally stuff into my pocketbook. Not to mention, the leather is buttery soft and the colors are even better than pictured!
The folks at ArtsEye are totally focused on uniqueness, charm, & excellence. Go check out their stuff!  If for nothing else, for the pleasing aesthetics. All the heart eyes for this functional piece of art.

We’ve reached the end of my rants & reviews on these five consumer products that have got me hooked. Let me know if you look into or pick up any of these for yourselves. Do you have any Amazon “must tries” that I should be reading up on? I’d love for you to leave me some comments or tweet me some feedback @QuinMcconnell.