Baby T Nursery Inspiration

T-minus 9 days until we leave for a child-free vacation. American Airlines still hasn’t confirmed our flight, I’m freaking out about my list of to-do’s that’s a mile long, still ruminating over the horrible doctor’s appointment I had on Monday, and worrying about what terrible parents we are going to look like for missing open house [at school] while we are gone. *hides face*

I spent most of yesterday stress cleaning and cooking… Seriously, I have spent the last 4.5 months not wanting to even walk into my kitchen. Yesterday, I had a wild hair and made homemade queso, enchiladas, and [from scratch] mango cheesecake. {Mangoes are my jam lately and I’m hoping you’ll take the time to check out the recipe I linked!}

Amongst the chaos, though, I wanted to share some nursery inspiration. And I’m completely overjoyed to do so because I haven’t documented much regarding this pregnancy here, so far. We are so excited to have another girl coming into our family!


I was completely convinced, at first, that I was having a boy (just like I was when I was pregnant with Charlotte). But, I ended up being wrong. That was actually a really happy thing because all three of the kids wanted a baby sister and, secretly, I wanted another little girl in the house to even the score. Haha! That said, I had only been planning nursery ideas, in my head, for a boy so, when my husband asked what I wanted to do with the room, I was completely at a loss. Oh, did I mention I’m not a huge fan of pink? (The balloons in the above photo, not included.)

All I knew was that I wanted the room to be on the neutral side of things despite being for a girl. I also wanted to incorporate black, which is an unexpected color for an infant. Plus, my one stipulation for any kids’ space that I design is that the child be able to grow up within it, without us changing the entire room decor several times. I would rather allow them to mature by changing things slowly and subtly over time- not repainting the walls 40 times. I don’t have the desire, patience, time, or fortune to redecorate for four kids every few years when their tastes change.

Ezra & Noah are in the process of getting settled a roommates, which is in and of itself complex. We have always kind of let Noah do his own thing in his room because he likes a little bit of everything and nothing at the same time. Sound familiar, boy moms? So, merging the two of them is proving to be a task for me… while DH thinks it’s a breeze… *insert eye roll*

My style has changed a lot over the years, meaning Ezra and Charlie both had very distinctive rooms; yet, they are still cohesive with the rest of the house. Ezra’s nursery (that I duplicated when we moved into our current home) was very mid-century mod & VERY orange. You can see it on Project Nursery. Charlie’s was [not overly] girly with a lot of subtle, Indian vibes– lots of color, patterns, and metallic accents. Unfortunately, I never have gotten proper pictures of it. With the new babe’s space, I really wanted to go even simpler, without it being boring.

Below is the inspiration board, I’ve made (similar to what you might see on sites like Lay Baby Lay)

Baby T Nursery

As I said a bit farther up this post, I knew I wanted to use black in the room, especially on a statement wall; something I’ve been dying to do for years! But, every avenue I came across that allowed me the freedom to use such a dark color & matched my style was insanely unaffordable for the average person = ME. So, I was about to give up and go in a totally different direction when I ran across the Ladwig Scandinavian Tulip Print Wallpaper. After that, everything kind of just… fell into place. Especially since, after picking it out, I saw the wallpaper used on an episode of Fixer Upper. The nursery has definitely taken on a mid-century, modern farmhouse feel that I LOVE.

Some of the items shown here are things we have purchased already, others are yet to be purchased, and the rest are similar to things we already own. I couldn’t find all of the exact colors and finishes I want to include in the room to clip for the board, but the overall aesthetic is the same. Side note: That rocker is the most comfortable thing EVER.

I actually still have the same Jenny Lind crib from my first kiddo that I got brand new on Craiglist and saved a ton of money! It’s in such great shape that I’m just going to give it a fresh coat of paint and use it again.

The dresser in the photo is extremely similar the one my step-son has been using for the past few years (also a Craigslist find). Except, was is a bit more beat up from the other owners, so it is now sanded and ready for a fresh coat of black paint & new knobs. In my mind, it’s going to be stunning so, keep your fingers crossed!

I really want all of the accessories & art to be comfy & versatile, and I also wanted to put some type of greenhouse, indoor/outdoor feeling to the room. However, the last thing I wanted was to fill the room with plants. I do NOT have a green thumb and obviously don’t want health hazard for baby girl. So, I’m opting to do [artificial] terrariums in apothecary jars. If anyone has experience with this particular project, any comments on this post with tips would be appreciated!

I’m very happy to be able to use my paternal great-grandmother’s cedar chest as storage, especially since babe is gonna have my paternal grandmother’s middle name as her own middle name. Keeping it all in the family!

We are making slow, but sure, progress; day by day. Good thing we have plenty of time! In the end, I’ll definitely be taking photos, posting them, & listing all the details of where we obtained our fave pieces in the room. Stay tuned for that later in the year!

What’s your favorite nursery style? How are you planning to decorate for your little one? Has this post given you any ideas? 

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